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GAS ANALYZER / Breathalyzer A2.0/04


Use of the instrument

Breathalyzer A2.0/04 The breathalyzer is intended to estimate the concentration of alcohol vapours in exhaled air automatically. The instrument is stationary or hand-held appliance. May be used inside closed rooms and also in the cars. It is designed to be used by police forces and other applicable items like works, rehabilitation centers for alcoholics, security guards agencies PKP, PKS e.t.c.

Alkometr A2.0/04


 Breathalyzer A2.0/04  is evidentiary analyzer of exhalation which fulfill requirements specified in metrological regulations about evidentiary analyzers of exhalation according to decision of Central Office of Measures in Warsaw (type approval). Measures made by A2.0/04 are higher valued than blood determine received with laboratory method (according to 45 article of road code) 

 Breath analyzer Breathalyzer A2.0/04 has approved type and acquire the sign of type number PLT 096. Decision given by a President of Central Office of Measures no. ZT 10/2006. Decision is valid until 18th January 2016. Analyzer satisfies requirements definite in disposition given by Ministry of Economy in case of meteorological conditions which breath analyzers should fulfill. (Dz. U. Nr 67, poz. 626 )



Definition of concentration the alcohol vapours in exhaled air which is proportional to concentration of alcohol in blood lies in measurement of reduction the infrared radiation. Highly sensitive detector NDIR* is used to measure the radiation with stable shock and noise resistant sensor called “flow mass detector”. Using a heated pipe the patient blows the air in, straight to measuring container of appliance, where wapours of alcohol, which exhaled air contains, are decreasing infrared radiation. Reduction of infra red radiation is proportional to concentration of alcohol. Measurement result is given in mg./l and in on display and printer

* Non Dispersiv Infra Red


By the time of preparing the appliance to work and measurement, there is taking place a dialogue on a display. It is possible thanks to that all of the control and measurement functions are steering by a microprocessor. It secures simplicity of maintenance and reliable of action. Service mistakes or patient influence on result of mensuration is impossible. All of the incorrectness’ while the device is working or inappropriate parameters of exhalation: time, amount of air, interrupted exhale and also alcohol deposited in gullet immediately after consumption, are watched. The instrument on schedule goes on state of economical work when after 30 minutes there was no mensuration (option). It contains a clock to improve date and time of examination.


Manual maintenance is automate. After switching the power on, automatic control of all electronics is taking place. After heating up, it goes on ready state (on display sign “GOT” appears). In order to measure, it is supposed push the button “START”. After couple of seconds, sign “DMIJ” appears and the patient is supposed to blow the air in, steady. After making a measurement device displays the amount of alcohol and prints report, which contains name and number of the instrument, date and time of measurement, concentration of alcohol, and also it prints columns to put information about patient, patients sign and sign of a person who made the measurement

Range of measurement  - 0 - 3mg/l

for range 0,05 - 0,40 mg/l - +/- 0,02 mg/l
for range 0,4 - 2,0 mg/l - +/- 5%
for value > 2,0 mg/l - +/- 20%
for value   e 3,0 mg./l – alarm signal and pulse sign with a result on a display

Time of measurement  - 1min.

Minimum parameters of exhale:
Capacity of exhale - > 1.5l
Time of exhale  - > 3s

Preparing to work   –15 min.

Temperature of work  - 0 - 40°C

Supply: -+12V 

Maximum - 60W
Standard - 40W

Size- 320x200x160

Weight - 5 kg


Concentration of alcohol vapours in exhaled air(mg/l) on concentration in blood (‰)

1 (mg/l) = 2,10 ( ‰ )

1( ‰ ) = 0,48 (mg/l)